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"How the Cost of Corrosion Affects People, Assets & the Environment"

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Join us at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Lower Level B2.
8am - 5.30pm

Training Courses

Train The Trainer - August 14 - 15, 2016

MR0175 Seminar - August 15, 2016

Board of Trustees - August 15, 2016

ACA Concrete Course
19 - 20 August, 2016

Conference - August 16 - 18, 2016


On site Registration starts from 7am


Exhibition - August 16 – 18, 2016

NACE Basic Corrosion Course
22 - 26 August, 2016

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  1. NACE members in the EAP Area should be proud of their commitment to the NACE mission, which has lead, to the Area growing the fastest with in NACE.  This is discernible with the numerous events, education courses and interactions with Government & Industry leaders with in the EAP Area.
    ​​Dr. Samir Degan (NACE Vice President Y2016-Y2017) 
  2. Learning from each other is a hallmark of events like the EAP Conference.  As much as I like to share news about programs in NACE and the NACE Institute, I am even more excited to learn the views of EAP members and see what is of most importance to you today.  The EAP Conference organizers are outstanding in their production of an event that is strategically important to so many, and it is my sincerest wish that the Conference is met with tremendous success.
    Helena Seelinger (Executive Director—NACE International Institute)
  3. The NACE EAP Area Conference has been the platform for corrosion professionals yearly as it moves around the Area. It’s now back in KL, where so much has evolved in the world of corrosion. Join us, as we come together once again to share our thoughts on subject matters that affect us on a whole, through a combination of top keynote speakers, symposiums, interactive forums and exhibitions.
    Michelle Lau (NACE EAP Area Director Y2014-Y2017) 
  4. The East Asia Pacific is one of NACE International’s fastest growing Areas.  Even more important, the expertise, skills and dedication of our members in the Area are outstanding.  This is a great opportunity for all corrosion professionals in the region to learn from their peers and the world’s experts and build their professional network.  This is a real opportunity for us all to invest in ourselves.  I look forward to seeing my old friends and colleagues and meeting new.
    Robert Chalker (Chief Executive Officer—NACE International)
  5. The current low crude oil prices are affecting various businesses and industries, not only to the Oil and Gas Sectors. Therefore, the NACE EAP 2016 theme, “How the Cost of Corrosion Affects People, Assets and the Environment” is very apt to address how the management of corrosion can be optimised during this challenging time.
    Nurul Asni (NACE FMS Chair & Organizing Committee Chair)


  1. Experiences with the Design of Repair, Protection and Maintenance Measures for Concrete Structures in Australia
    Keynote by Warren Green (Vinsi Patners)
    Much of Australia’s concrete infrastructure is coastal or exposed to saline environs and consequently at risk of chloride ion induced reinforcement corrosion. Carbonation induced corrosion of reinforcing and prestressing steel in concrete is a risk to buildings and inland infrastructure. Concrete repair, protection and maintenance of such structures and buildings remains as necessary today as ever. Some structures and buildings are at or beyond their design lives, however, decades of future service lives are required, so pro-active, engineered, maintenance and corrosion management approaches are necessary. This paper presents some of the experiences with the design of repair, protection and maintenance measures for reinforced and prestressed concrete structures in Australia. Flowcharts for selection of options will be presented. Measures examined include conventional concrete patch repair, cathodic protection......

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  2. Acceptance Testing for Coating in Insulated Service
    Keynote by Michael MeLampy (PPG Protective and Marine Coatings)
    As a generic descriptions of a coating material does not always ensure that all will perform in the same harsh CUI service, testing and acceptance criteria will help owners to ensure that specific coating materials, however described, can provide service as required in industrial CUI environments. The intent of these test procedures is not meant to rank coatings, but as an acceptance testing methodology.  Owners of refining and petrochemical facilities can have product approval lists developed using the testing an acceptance criteria for product inclusion on specifications.
    ​This paper will present a potential international methodology for testing and acceptance of coatings for insulated service.  Initially four (4), both continuous and cyclic service thermal conditions over a wide range of temperature, mostly as developed with in NACE SP0198 will be described in CUI classifications....

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    Keynote by Christopher Fowler (Exova Corrosion Centre)
    The new British Standard BS8701 (Full Ring Testing) (Due to be published July 2016) will be described with the History and development, together with some actual test data. This standard has been developed from an HSE document OTI 95635. The method had been extensively used in the Industry, and the British Standard updates the technique and includes additional requirements for inspection. An experienced committee from the Oil Industry were gathered and together the new BS has been produced.
    Following industry interest a new NACE committee has been formed under STG32 to evaluate a new Plate SOHIC test method, this method is currently being validated after 10 years development. Data will be presented covering the methodology and early results. Now that a true test method is available the SOHIC mechanism can now be studied.......

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  4. Heat Exchanger Failure Case Study
    Understanding the Total Cost of a Corrosion Issue in the Oil and Gas Industry
    Keynote by Sandy Williamson (NACE President)
    The total cost of corrosion in the oil and gas industry is an often overlooked subject when evaluating the impact of an upset or failure due to corrosion. Costly issues can arise when as little as a single piece of equipment is not designed to properly mitigate corrosion. Not only is there a need to replace the failed piece of equipment but there are many other costs to consider, including, but not limited to: environmental and cleanup costs, safety related costs, unnecessary corrosion inhibition costs, and costs associated with potential future failures at other projects that have utilized similar designs and processes...

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  5. IMPACT Study
    Keynote by Elaine Bowman (NACE Past President)
    Over the past two years, NACE International embarked on a new study that goes beyond the economic effects of corrosion: it emphasizes how to integrate corrosion technology with organizational management systems.  By doing this, corrosion decisions are optimized with respect to both cost savings and concern for safety and the environment.  The study revealed the global cost of corrosion is US$2.5 trillion, equating to 3.4% of a country’s GDP.  The most critical finding of the IMPACT study, however, is that while it is important to continue investment in technology and systems to reduce this staggering cost, putting this technology into an organizational management system context and justifying corrosion control actions by business impact is essential. 
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  1. The EAPAC 2016 will provide an excellent opportunity for corrosion control professionals from our Area, to interact and share corrosion related ideas and concerns that affect all of us. NACE International provides this very beneficial forum for our members and the technical content with the expo will mean time well spent for all our attendees.
    Tushar Jhaveri (NACE Past President)
  2. An Event not to be missed in 2016 August 15th – 18th. The NACE International Conference for the East Asian & Pacific Area is returning to Kuala Lumpur since its debut in 2008! A showcase of technical experts and expo from the world over, to provide the latest innovations in science, that will improve the GDP of every country and protect our people, assets and environment in every sense. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to mingle with the world’s leading experts, in the fast modern city of Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA 
    ​​Bob Phang (NACE FMS Trustee)
This year, the conference will have is expected to have over 300 delegates; and the program consists of 2 Plenary, 6 Keynotes, 2 forums, 16 Technical Sessions and 45 Technical Presentations.
The Exhibitors list consist of International companies, showcasing the latest in technological advancement besides new product ranges. Exhibition is open to invited visitors and customers.